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What is the reason for the easy tearing of plastic food packaging bags?

It seems to be a very routine process to make plastic food packaging bags easy to tear. Except for bags with relatively large load-bearing and nozzle bags with mouth, they will be made easy to tear. So what is the trick in the seemingly simple easy-to-tear mouth? The following is introduced by Huangpin Yazhi, a manufacturer of plastic food packaging bags; three common easy-to-tear positions of food bags and food packaging bags 1. The easy-to-tear opening is placed on the lower part of the side. lead to unnecessary losses. The second is to ensure that products with a large grammage will not be torn by mistake during transportation. But so far, the quality of composite packaging bags has rarely appeared above, and all sales manufacturers have also made corresponding defensive measures. The disadvantages are also obvious: the user needs to turn the bag over when using it. At this time, the printed content is all upside down, which is not conducive to the user's reading, and it is a bit anti-human. Commonly used in: disposable packaging bags, three-side sealed bags.

2. The easy-to-tear opening is placed on the upper side, so that users can find the position of the easy-to-tear opening at the first time. The printed content is displayed normally, which is good for reading and has a strong copy promotion effect. Commonly used in: self-supporting packaging bags, eight-side sealing packaging bags.

3. The easy-tear opening is placed on the top. This position is quite special. It is often used in four-side seals, organ bags, and back-sealing bags. The advantage is that it is convenient for users to find the position of the easy-tear opening at the first time. , making good use of the hem as a bottom support. The disadvantage is: because we are accustomed to using the easy-tear opening on the side, when using an organ bag or a four-side sealed bag, it needs to be torn horizontally, and it is easy to spill the product. The printed content cannot be kept intact after tearing the product. Why not hit it on the side? It is said that the special feature of the organ bag type and the four-side sealed bag type is here, because these two bag types have no bottom, are rectangular, and have a relatively large space capacity.

And the side of the organ bag is not sealed, so it cannot be easily torn. Therefore, choosing the top opening can just take advantage of the advantages of the bag shape (folded edges) to supplement the disadvantages, and it can also allow users to easily unseal the bag. The back-sealing bag type is made of a complete film because there is no edge sealing on the side, so an easy-to-tear opening is chosen on the top. The location of the easy-to-tear opening is determined based on the design layout, so the LOGO and label information will be reserved when designing the layout to ensure that users can easily unpack the product and the integrity of the merchant's LOGO and most of the information. While having a good user experience, we can also do promotion and marketing, so that users can easily remember our brand.