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What is the cost of custom rice packaging bags

According to our experience, the cost of custom-made rice packaging bags is about 1~2 yuan, and the specific price should be calculated according to the demand. First of all, we must be clear about the difference between custom-made and spot-made bags. Spot bags are already finished products and can be sold at a clear price. It also saves customers the production process, but the style is relatively simple. If it is customized, it is different. The bag can be made any way you want, including bag type, size, material, printing, craftsmanship, etc., but the premise is that the customer's needs must be clear. ? There is a misunderstanding here that custom-made is as easy as stock. In fact, it is not, here to explain to you why you should try to clarify the specific needs as much as possible.
Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bag requirements 1: There are many bag types of customized packaging bags. The production cost of different bag types is different. The production cost of general three-side sealing bags is lower than other bag types. , so the price and MOQ fluctuate greatly. For example, conventional 5kg rice packaging bags can be customized with only 5000~8000 pieces. Requirement 2: The size of the size will directly affect the materials used, MOQ, and plate fee. The larger the size, the smaller the MOQ, the more materials used, the higher the price, and the more expensive the plate fee. Requirement 3: Printing plate The level of the fee is related to the richness of the printing color. The more colors, the more plates, and the higher the cost. Requirement 4: Different uses (materials) have different material combinations and different prices. For example: a. For vacuumed rice packaging bags, the air tightness, stretch resistance and softness of the bags should be considered. , Anti-explosion, to avoid the burst bag being worn during transportation, so choose anti-puncture PE and nylon to match.
b. For the packaging of dried fruits and nuts, choose BOPP+PET aluminized+PE or BOPP+aluminum+PE to ensure moisture resistance, fragrance retention and light shading. c. Nylon + PE should be used for anti-freezing packaging. High temperature resistant packaging bags should be made of RCPP material.
Therefore, in order to know the specific price of the customized packaging bag, the purpose must be clear, and it is best to give the material matching. Requirement 5: The thickness is related to the number of layers of the bag. The thicker the bag is, the more material is needed, so the price is higher. Requirement 6: The quantity is also a factor that affects the price. Generally, the MOQ is enough, and the MOQ is calculated according to the size. In a word, the more detailed the demand given by the customer, the more accurate the price, and the more beneficial it is to the customer. If the information parameters are incomplete, not only will the packaging bag manufacturer not be able to offer a good price, but it will also increase the cost of communication and cause a bad user experience to the customer. . Huangpin Yazhi related information "Customized plastic packaging bags, why is the MOQ so high"