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What is the best material for tea packaging?

The most common ones on the market are packaging boxes or packaging bags, so the tea packaging market materials are better. Food bags, food packaging bags, common plastic packaging for tea packaging bags, film bags, kraft paper bags, etc.

Plastic packaging bags are generally made of polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastics. Because the sealing performance is not good, the outer bag in the tea packaging bag is used. Vacuum packaging bags, composite packaging bags, film bags, good air tightness, not easy to break, reasonable price, moisture-proof and odor-proof, and ensure the advantages of product taste; many film bags are packaged with aluminum foil or vacuum aluminized packaging for shading packaging to achieve the best Effect.

Kraft paper bags are packed with thin filter paper. The advantages of kraft paper bags are that they can be stored for a long time, are easy to carry, and match well with tea. Foil bags, plastic bags would like to order tea packaging.