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Recycle Your Recyclable Plastic Packaging

bags are a versatile type of storage solution with hundreds of uses. They're used to store everything from fruits and vegetables to electronic components and even crime scene evidence. But recycling these bags is not as simple as it might sound. Here are some ways to find new uses for zip lock packaging. First, think about how many of them you use each day. Do you store items in bags? Almost any item that can be packed in a plastic bag can be stored in a bag.

bags are made from polypropylene (PP), LDPE, or HDPE plastic. Most cities accept PET#1, HDPE#2, or LDPE#4 plastic bottles. Unfortunately, zip lock plastic storage bags cannot be separated in the same way as plastic bottles and bin liners. These plastic bags will eventually end up in landfills. Most zip lock bags are made from polypropylene or LDPE plastic.

Although  bags are technically recyclable, they are not accepted by curbside recycling programs. To recycle them, they must be dropped off at retailers who offer a program to collect these bags. Not only do these bags clog up recycling machines, but most people don't bother to rinse them out. Cleaning them is more time-consuming than cleaning rigid reusable containers. This can slow the recycling process down even more. Ultimately, there's no easy solution.

Another way to recycle your zip lock plastic packaging is to visit a recycling depot. There are several locations in the Lower Mainland that accept these materials. They also accept recycling boxes for many other types of recyclable plastic packaging. In fact, Recycle B.C. has even started a pilot program to collect this material. If you're wondering where to recycle zip lock recyclable plastic packaging, just head to the recycling depot in Thornhill and follow the instructions.

Recycling centers also accept plastic bags from retail stores and grocery stores. To recycle plastic bags, residents must unzip the zip portion and place it into the recycling bin. It should be about the size of a soccer ball. Make sure to check your local solid waste district's website before dropping off your plastic bags. Lastly, make sure your zip lock recyclable plastic packaging is dry and clean when you bring it to the recycling center.