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Plastic packaging bag customization, why the starting order is very high

The first time to do packaging bags customers, or try to do custom customers, inquiring about packaging bag manufacturers will encounter a problem, the initial order amount of bags are generally very high, taking into account the risk control factors, many customers are not acceptable, hope that the first batch of small customization, so that the pressure on the customer's side is also smaller. But there is a reason for the high initial order quantity of packaging bags, the following by the Huangpin Yazhi to explain the problem of high initial order quantity of plastic packaging bags customization, as well as the calculation of the approximate initial order quantity. Food bags, food packaging bags a. Existing technical bottlenecks 1. existing plastic packaging bags printing process is to use gravure printing, and the advantages of gravure printing is accurate color registration, clear printing, printing out of the bag is very beautiful!

The most obvious disadvantage is that there is a plate fee, a good version of a color 400 ~ 600 or so, depending on the design color, production bag type and other parameters to account for. For example, to print a physical sample of the bag, the edition fee according to the 6 count, then about 2400 ~ 3600 between. The cost of the bag is a few cents or even a few cents, if you do a few thousand bags, I'm afraid that the cost of the edition is higher than the cost of the bag, counting the loss of frequent changes in the edition, downtime, labor costs, etc., no one manufacturer is acceptable. Therefore, the longer a set of customized version is the more cost-effective, the more you do the more you can save money.

2. then some customers will ask whether there is no version of? Now the market also has digital printing, but the current technology is not very mature, not suitable for mass production. Second, the loss problem 1. The printing machine used by our packaging bag manufacturers are high-speed printing machine, a minute can print about 200 meters, if you do not do enough, a volume of material is not done, counting a series of processes such as frequent plate changes, change the pressure shaft, change the ink, color mixing and proofing, it takes about 3 hours, the loss rate is very large, may reach more than 50%, which is not acceptable to any packaging factory.

Third, the shelf life of raw materials 1. In order to ensure the quality of packaging bags, the raw materials we use are now ordered. If a volume of material is not used up, the rest of the material may be scrapped. Fourth, how to calculate the starting quantity 1. bag size is a key factor affecting the starting quantity, the smaller the size of the higher the starting quantity, and vice versa, the lower the starting quantity. A roll of material 6000 meters to calculate; for example, the size of 18 * 25 stand-up pouches, the minimum order = 6000 / 30,000.

2. 10 * 10 three-side-seal bags, because the bag size is relatively small, printed copper plate about two rows, the starting quantity = (6000/10) * 2.12 million, counting the loss, the starting quantity is actually not high. V. What should be noted in the early stages of customization Because of the large starting quantity, many customers worry about the quality of the bag, so in terms of choosing a packaging bag manufacturer, look at its production scale, as well as the printing quality of sample bags. For more information about the customization of bags, please see another piece of information about Huangpin Yazhi "customization of packaging bags