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How Much Do You Know About The Performance Of Aluminum Foil Packaging Bags?​​

Although there are more and more types of packaging bags, aluminum foil packaging bags are popular because of their higher price and better performance than ordinary packaging bags. How much do you know about the performance of aluminum foil packaging bags? ?​​
1. It has fragrance retention properties, which can better preserve the fragrance of food, increase the taste of food, and is non-toxic to give a safety guarantee.​​

2. Good heat insulation, airtight, watertight Many ordinary packaging bags are easy to melt when they encounter hot things, and they are also vulnerable to bacteria. The aluminum foil packaging bag is sealed by a sealing machine, which can effectively prevent the items in the bag from being damp, and can also prevent the invasion of bacteria. It has a stable shape and is not easily affected by environmental factors.​​

3. Partial aluminum plating by shielding method. Any pattern can be made according to the needs of customers, and transparent windows can also be selected. Customers can see the items in the bag through the sealing machine, which is a big improvement in the production of packaging bags, and it is also a significant feature of aluminum foil packaging bags. And its metallic luster can be reflected in the sun, making the printed colors more exquisite and giving people a higher appreciation value. It is precisely because of the performance of aluminum foil packaging bags that they are widely welcomed and favored by everyone!

So what is pure raw material and what is recycled raw material?
The pure raw material is extracted from petroleum without any reprocessing. Its characteristics are that the particles are milky white, crystal clear and transparent, without any impurities. The physical properties are particularly good, and it is very easy to process. There are two pure raw materials for plastic bags used in my country. Ways, one is the major domestic petrochemical companies, and the other is through imports.
The products produced from pure raw materials of plastic bags are generally colorless and odorless, have good luster, good elasticity, and feel very soft. The most important thing is hygiene and safety. . The sources of recycled raw materials for plastic bags are very wide and complex. The main sources are wastes from the production of plastic bags, household waste plastics, various plastic packaging bags, etc. These wastes are sorted after recycling, and then cut and melted at high temperature. It is made into plastic granules. Because the recycled waste is complex and diverse and has different colors, the granules produced have various colors without any luster, which is very different from pure raw material granules, and the produced products cannot guarantee hygiene. Safe, the products are all colored, without any luster, and feel rough, generally used for daily use and industry, not for food packaging. Above is the difference between pure raw materials and recycled raw materials.