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Custom-made Chinese medicine packaging laminate film

Laminated film has the advantages of flexibility, moisture resistance, oxygen barrier, light blocking, water blocking, etc., and its comprehensive performance is greatly improved. For this pharmaceutical special products, very good choice; pharmaceutical packaging composite film is divided into four kinds, ordinary composite film, strip easy to tear packaging, paper aluminum plastic composite film and high-temperature cooking resistant film.

Food bags, food packaging bags ordinary composite film product structure: PET/AL/PE, production process for dry lamination. Features good printing suitability, improve product grade; good gas, water vapor barrier. Used for general pharmaceutical tablets, other pharmaceutical outer packaging. Composite packaging bags, aluminum foil bags strip easy to tear packaging product structure: PT/PE/AL/PE, production process for extrusion lamination.

Features easy to tear, convenient for consumers, to ensure a longer shelf life of drugs; conducive to environmental degradability. Plastic packaging bags paper aluminum composite film product structure: paper/PE/AL/PE, production process for extrusion compounding. All of the above features are available. High-temperature cooking film product structure: PET/CPP or PET/AL/CPP, production process is dry lamination. Features kill packaging bacteria, placed at room temperature, can be printed in good printability. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags