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Aluminum foil bag customization tips

In order to let you better customize the aluminum foil bags, today for a detailed list of the following aspects of aluminum foil bags customized trivia, I hope to help you a little. Aluminum foil bag customization process must be mastered for the installation of which goods, the possibility of installing different goods can require different, such as the installation of electronic equipment aluminum foil bags, must be anti-static anti-shield role. Load food-related products must be a shade, anti-oxidation and other characteristics.

Food bag, food packaging bag raw materials on pure aluminum purity, aluminum-plated film mixed with polymer materials; cost fee said, pure aluminum price higher than aluminum-plated film; characteristics said, pure aluminum waterproof, temperature reduction than aluminum-plated film is good, pure aluminum thorough shading, aluminum-plated film blocking light actual effect; from the application, pure aluminum bags suitable for vacuum, vegetables, meat food, etc., aluminum-plated film suitable for tea, powder, electronic components, etc.. Mastering custom aluminum foil bags raw material types, aluminum foil bags composite using raw materials are not necessarily, do out the actual effect is not the same.

Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags, aluminum foil bag specifications packaging printing, the actual say aluminum foil bag characteristics difference pure aluminum bags: pure aluminum raw materials, appearance silver, surface glossy, very material sense. Dumb aluminum bags: aluminum plating film raw materials, appearance silver, dull surface without light, opaque surface, dumb surface. Light aluminum bags: aluminum-plated film raw materials, silver appearance, bright surface. Composite packaging bags, plastic packaging bags