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Customer custom composite packaging bag tips

Today, customers to customize composite packaging bags do not know the specific data to do the bag, what probably let us quote, we really can not quote, I now introduce custom composite packaging bag tips. Different specifications of composite packaging bags, the requirements of the minimum order amount of different, some customers want to report the price first, to determine the number, so we are very difficult, because the production of a thousand bags and the production of 10,000 bags need to make the plate costs, debugging machine costs are the same, the price of ordering less is high, the price of ordering more relatively cheap.

Vacuum packaging bags, tea bags materials have new materials, recycled materials, filling materials, a variety of materials produced from different packaging bag quality varies a lot, the price is very different. Specifications are divided into length, width, measured width, thickness of four data, each different resulting in different prices, customers can not be roughly requested to quote, the reported price is not accurate, especially the thickness, the general customer for the thickness of how much silk this concept does not understand, to know the thickness gap for the cost has a great impact. Aluminum foil bags, plastic packaging bags composite packaging bag printing is generally single-sided single-color, single-sided two-color, double-sided single-color, two-color, single-color need to make a version, two-color to make two versions, some special colors such as gold, silver prices are also higher. Composite packaging bags have a variety of styles, production difficulties, processes, efficiency is not the same, the price is different. Food bags, food packaging bags.